Thursday, February 9, 2012

Saving Coffee Grounds for my Garden

I've been doing so more research on frugal ideas for my garden.  I learned that egg shells provide calcium to the garden, while coffee grounds provide a nitrogen, as well as magnesium, calcium, potassium and other trace minerals.  Nitrogen and calcium help keep garden soil and plants healthy.   Acid loving plants respond well to coffee grounds and coffee.
  • Coffee grounds provide a good mulch for fast growing vegetables and will also help reduce slugs and snails.  Using coffee grounds and crushed egg shells around those plants that slugs love such as hostas and lillies, will keep them at bay.  
  • Coffee grounds help keep kitties from using the garden as a litter box. Spread grounds and orange peels around your beds.
  • Coffee grounds are said to repel ants.  
  • Diluted coffee grounds in water is good  instant fertilizer for houseplants.  You can also sprinkle grounds around the base of plants before watering for a slow release of nitrogen.  But like any fertilizer - don't overdo it, as coffee/grounds can be acidic.
  • Throw your coffee grounds into the compost bin.  When they are mixed with other organic materials you will have a rich compost.


  1. We don't drink much coffee around here but Dearest brings the grounds home from the office for my compost and garden mostly due to cats going in the garden. It keeps the area fresh smelling. We have had a problem with a male cat in the garage. the coffee grounds deoderizes the smell.

  2. We do the same thing! We enjoy our coffee here in the cottage, so our rhododendrons are truly enjoying the grounds.

  3. I have added coffee grounds to my compost and garden for some time. I think I learned that from my grandmother.Epsom Salts is something I use as well! I have a post that you maybe interested in on my blog:

    It's called "plant food from the kitchen", Its amazing the things you can use!Thank you for sharing and Happy Gardening!

  4. A question: I've been saving my wet coffee grounds for about two weeks, but I notice white mold growing in them. Are they still safe to use in my compost or garden beds?


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